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Ethernet / PoE Extenders
Ethernet Extender Over Coaxial Cable Kit
EOC-100PK       N-5     Kit   Ethernet over Coax, Ethernet over Coax extender, AAS technology, aas.com.tw
N-5a     Host/Server Side
Ethernet over Coax, Ethernet over Coax extender, AAS technology, aas.com.tw
N-5b     Camera Side

  • Use coaxial cable to transmit Ethernet signal
  • Maximum distance up to 2000m / 6500ft
  • Network delay less than 1ms
  • Optional transmission medium, coaxial cable, power line, telephone cable or UTP cable
  • Meet single mode, link mode and star mode network at the same time
  • Loop circuit mode; if there is one breakdown in the circuit, the system can still work normally
  • Meet Standard: IEEE802.3 10BASE-T, IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX
  • Appearance and structure Solid and delicate, meet MIT rack installation standard
  • Protection: Excellent circuit isolation protection, effectively improve product's
    lightning protection, ESD and anti-interference ability
  • 12V DC

Application 1: Point-to-Point*
N-5 EOC-100K Point-to-Point Application


Application 2: Point-to-Serial Chain*
N-5 EOC-100K Point-to-Serial Chain Application


Application 3: Point-to-Multi Point*
N-5 EOC-100K Point-to-Multi Point Application


Application 4: (Max with EPOC-100-SV)*
N-5 & N-6 EOC-100K & EOCP-100K Application

* Refer to User manual for distance and upload/download speeds.
More Info . User Manual 

Made in China
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